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Reiki Training

Reiki Master Marie David

With Reiki Master Marie David

Reiki (pronounced "ray-kee") is an ancient healing art.  Reiki literally translates to "Universal or God's" (Rei) "Energy" (Ki)." The Reiki Practitioner is one who has been trained and attuned to serve as a means of transfer for this energy or life force. The Art of Reiki teaches that this life force is all around us, and that it has the power to heal.

Reiki Master Marie David, M.Ed. is a well-known and respected Reiki Master in the Cape Cod area, where she has trained numerous students at all levels of Reiki Practice.  Scroll down to read more about the various levels of the practice of Reiki
and how you can learn to use this healing art for yourself and others.  

Levels of Reiki Training

Person receiving Reiki, hands on head

Reiki Level 1

First Degree Reiki Training enables you to channel Reiki energy to yourself and others to promote balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki energy helps reduce stress, brings comfort and calm, and accelerates the body's natural healing process.

Next training Level 1:

Part 1:  Fri, Oct 19, 2018  10am - 4pm
Part 2:  Sat, Oct 20, 2018   11am - 2pm

To register contact Marie David: | 508-737-2883

Fee:  $175

Person receiving Reiki, hands over forehead

Reiki Level 2

Second Degree Reiki Certification teaches three techniques to expand Reiki energy. The first technique increases the channeling power of Reiki. The second technique is used to work on emotional and mental issues. The third technique utilizes Reiki for absent or distance healing.

Next training for Level 2:

Call for information - 508-737-2883

To register contact Marie David: | 508-737-2883

Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki Level 1

Fee:  $300

Person reciving Reiki, hands under chin

Reiki Master Practitioner

This training is for individuals who are seeking the Master level attunement without continuing on to teach Reiki and give attunements. Reiki Master Practitioner Training provides the Reiki Practitioner the opportunity to gain knowledge and attunement in spiritual healing, bringing wellness to body, mind, and spirit. This holistic approach towards wellness and healing is the focus of Reiki practice issues as well as personal wellness and growth. Following a clinical model participants will engage in case studies, sharing their personal Reiki journey, and discussion regarding hands-on experience. The training also includes presentations on
expanded Reiki techniques.

Next Training: to be announced

To register contact Marie David: | 508-737-2883

Prerequisite:  Completion of Reiki Level 2 at least six months prior

Fee:  $750