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Reiki Treatments

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The Ancient Art of Self Healing

An Explanation of Reiki

Reiki (pronounced “ray-kee”) is a spiritual healing practice that connects with our body’s inner wisdom to restore balance at the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical levels of our beings. The beauty of Reiki is that it is not limited to a person’s spiritual orientation. Rather it connects and brings wellness to all living things. Reiki literally translates to “Universal or God’s (Rei) Energy (Ki).” The Reiki Practitioner is one who has been trained and attuned to serve as a means of transfer for this energy or life force. The Art of Reiki teaches that this life force is all around us, and that it has the power to heal. Reiki is a modality that initiates relaxation in the body, signaling the “all clear” for the body to be safe to relax and heal in the midst of life’s stressors. Research demonstrates that all illness is either a result of or produces stress. Relaxation is critical for the body’s ability to heal itself. “Deep relaxation is the most important precondition for curing any disorder.” -Deepak Chopra The Reiki Practitioner is one who has been trained and attuned to serve as a means of transfer for this energy or life force. The Art of Reiki teaches that this life force is all around us, and that it has the power to heal.

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What does Reiki do?

In a healthy state the flow of energy through the body is even and balanced. Illness or stress can cause the energy flow to become unbalanced or blocked. Reiki helps to reinstate the balanced flow of energy in the body. Reiki can also support us through the unfinished business in our lives that awaits closure so that our energy may be used to support us in conscious living. Unfinished business may be a result of loss, grief, trauma or the inability to speak the truth of one's life experience. Reiki can provide the energy needed to support us as we listen to our inner wisdom's guidance in acknowledging the truth and releasing old patterns that no longer serve us.

During a Reiki treatment the Reiki Practitioner will gently lay his or her hands on specific points of the recipient's body. The touch is very light and administered over the clothing. Each position is held for two to three minutes over spots on the torso front and back, the head, the legs, and the feet. A full Reiki treatment takes about fifty minutes. It is also possible to have the Reiki Practitioner lay hands directly upon a point of physical injury or pain.

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Why Should You Consider Reiki?

  • Reiki can help you regain balance at the various levels of your life: physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Reiki provides individuals with energy to bring closure to unfinished business in their lives.
  • Reiki can serve as a means to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and relieve pain.
  • Reiki can work as a support to and in conjunction with conventional medical treatment.
  • Reiki supports healing through trauma, both past and present. In addition to emotional healing,
  • Reiki facilitates the journey from the head to the heart supporting spiritual healing and wellness.
  • Reiki supports optimal healing pre-surgery and post surgery, and reduces recuperation time significantly after surgery.
  • Reiki has been found to support conventional cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. Reiki is very supportive to patients experiencing pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia, giving the patient needed energy for the journey to wellness.
  • Reiki is always given with positive intention and can do no harm.

Results from Reiki vary from person to person and experiences range from a gentle feeling of well being to profound healing. Reiki is never intended to replace conventional medical treatment, but it can often enhance such treatment and provide healing in ways traditional medicine cannot.

Reiki MasterMarie David

Marie S. David, M.Ed.
Reiki Master

Marie is a Reiki Master Teacher. She is committed to practicing Reiki in the tradition of the early teachers and to the wellness of the whole person.
She received her training as a Reiki Master from Reiki Master Sandy Bothmer, M.Ed.
Marie was trained in the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui.

Please email Marie to make an appointment for a Reiki Treatment, or call 508-737-2883

A fee of $75 is customary for a full Reiki Treatment; a sliding scale fee is available for those in need.
For information about Reiki training see our Reiki Training Page.